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2023 Club Champs

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Entries are now closed and all draws are live for the 2023 Club Champs events.

A printed copy of these draws will be placed in the Clubrooms on Tuesday however they can be viewed by clicking on the images below or the links below the images. These draws can also be found on the website under NEWS.


Tournament Dates:

Note: Some events have smaller draws which allows for a longer first round. Please check your draw(s).

Round 1: 4 - 18 February 2023

Round 2: 19 February - 11 March 2023

Round 3: 12 - 25 March 2023

Quarter finals: 26 March - 5th April 2023

Semi finals: 5 April - 12th April 2023

Finals: 15 - 16 April 2023


Until we reach the finals rounds, games that are tied after two sets will be decided by a Super Tiebreak. This is to ensure games can be played within 1 1/2 hours. Information on how to play a super tie break can be found here.

In doubles matches , short deuce is preferred as it allows games to stay within 1 1/2 hours. You can, however, agree to play long deuce (advantage) if this is agreed prior to the match commencing. In singles matches, long deuce (advantage) applies.

Please use the scoreboards and update them on change of ends.


Players are required to supply their own balls for matches, except on Finals Day where balls are supplied by the club. Please ensure you arrive to your game with match quality balls. These can be purchased from the vending machine at the club.


Please enter your results into Playwaze within 48 hours of your completed match. Results not received within two days of a deadline will result in both players/pairs being defaulted. If you experience any issues entering your results please text them to Kate Whithear on 021505980.


In each event there are 4 seeded players/pairings. Seeds were determined based on Tennis NZ singles rankings for both the Men's and Women's Singles events. For the doubles events seeds were determined both on Tennis NZ doubles rankings, plus past tournament results. Tennis NZ player rankings can be viewed here.


After seeds were assigned in Playwaze, we simply clicked "auto populate". This automatically fills the draw by separating the seeded players and randomly allocating all other entries. Due to the randomness of the draw, some sides of the draw may appear more "stacked" than others. This is the nature of tennis draws and is no different in major events such as the Australia Open.

Matched partners:

Where partners have been matched for doubles events, we matched according to similar ability wherever possible. ie the highest ranked player was matched with the next highest ranked player. In some cases ability was unknown and we matched randomly. Unfortunately there were three players in the mixed draw who were unable to be matched due to not enough female partners.


We encourage people to play asap and not wait until the end period of each round.

Matches in Rounds 1 - 3 that are not played within the deadline may request an extension of no more than 2 days from the Tournament Director Glen Ratter (027 437 8256). If matches are not played within the extension then both teams will be defaulted.

Any matches that are defaulted do not qualify for the Plate events.

Matches in quarter and semi finals not played within the deadline must be played by the following Saturday or both teams will be defaulted.

In the event of continual rainfall, STSC will arrange for indoor facilities to ensure matches can be played.

Issues /concerns.

For technical issues ie trouble viewing the draw/entering results etc please contact Kate Whithear either by email or text on 021505980

Any any other issues ie behaviour of other players, injury, disputes etc please contact Tamsin either by email, phone or text on 0272010611. Any issues will be dealt with by Tamsin, Glen and Wal.

Please remember that we are all volunteers and are giving up a lot of time to run this tournament.


Junior eligibility: Junior players who are capable of playing senior members and who have not entered the 2023 Parent/Child Tournament are eligible to enter. If in doubt, please contact Glen Ratter or Tamsin Chittock.

Senior eligibility: Senior members who hold an Adult, Couple, Tertiary or Life Membership and who are available for at least 5 days within each round are eligible to enter.

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